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Privacy Policy

The Birdcage Boutique provides online reservation services on this site.
Any reservations made through this site are made between the individual making the reservation (“Customer”) and the owner of the hotel whose room is being reserved (“Hotel Owner”).

The reservation is subject to the local terms and conditions as may be imposed by the Hotel Owner from time to time, and is subject to the laws and the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Cambodia in which the reserved hotel is located.

The Birdcage Boutique reserves the right to cancel or modify reservations in its sole discretion for any reason.
The Birdcage Boutique accepts no liability or responsibility for any third party costs, claims, liabilities or expenses howsoever incurred or suffered by the Customer in relation to or associated with the Customer travelling to and/or from The Birdcage Boutique, such as flights, land transportation, communications, insurance, lost property, medical services, etc. (unless The Birdcage Boutique has expressly agreed in writing to provide such services to the Customer).

On check-in we will obtain your name, passport (ID-card for Cambodian citizens), valid Cambodian visa (if required). Further more we will need your email address and telephone number. Any additional information you give us when registering in the hotel (check-in form, phone or email).

The information we get will not be shared with third parties, except for the local police where we have to pass your passport and visa details, as required by Cambodian law or any other governmental departments (if we are forced to do so by law).

If you agree we will use your email address to contact you after departure for a small questionnaire about your stay at The Birdcage Boutique.

The linking of third party websites to this site does not indicate any association with or endorsement by The Birdcage Boutique.
The Birdcage Boutique does not assume responsibility or liability of any nature whatsoever for the activities conducted or information contained in the third party websites.